A selection of free websites for young children learning German. These include:

Review the sites before using them in your primary classroom and take care to supervise children online. For helpful advice, read Becta’s guidelines on e-safety

English language websites
  • Germany for Kids 
    Section of the German Embassy and US Consulates General website for children, with country information, cultural awareness, music and recipes.
  • Goethe-Institut 
    German cultural agency provides general support for primary teaching and learning, including this FUNology guide for primary teachers with fun dialogues and games
  • Goethe-haus 
    Available from the Goethe-Institut Tokyo website, an interactive virtual environment based on a German home.
  • Hennings House
    Interactive games for young learners based on the Channel 4 series. The Teachers’ Notes provides guidance on how to use the website in the classroom.
  • The Voyage Kids
    Interactive website for primary learners of German run by the UK-German Connection, a British-German bilateral project dedicated to improving contacts between young people in Germany and the UK. Features interactive games to practice language skills and enhance cultural awareness.
German language websites
  • Coloriage 
    Interactive colouring website with German colour vocabulary
  • Helles Koepfchen
    Games, recipes, makes, factual information and quizzes
  • Junge Klassik
    Information and games for children on the theme of classical music and instruments, from the Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Kidstation 
    Interactive children’s website from the BP group. With games, simple animations, German dictionary of internet terms, quizzes on transport and road safety, Cyber DJ music maker and children’s opinion polls.
  • Kinder
    Portal providing access to interactive children’s websites from German TV and radio stations. A variety of online games and activities.
  • Kleinkind-online
    German songs, rhymes and games
  • Mediterrania
    Goethe-Institut website for young people, based on the story of Homer’s ‘Odyssey’. Practices using search engines and e-mail.
  • NotenMax
    Children’s website all about music. Includes listening activities, opportunities to play tunes, games, downloadable scores and lyrics and information for schools and parents.
  • SchulWeb
    Web portal for schools in Germany. Search for schools by region and type
  • Die Seite mit der Maus
    Interactive children’s site from German broadcaster WDR.
  • zzzebra Netz
    Web magazine for children with games, jokes, poems, songs, stories and craft ideas.
Commonly-used search engines
  • Languages Work
  • lingu@net europa
  • Languages ICT
  • Vocational Languages Resource Bank