QCDA projects

Information about Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA) research projects investigating primary languages.

Languages in the primary curriculum

The QCDA were responsible for collecting evidence to inform Sir Jim Rose's Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum. Some of this relates to languages in the primary school - for more information, please see education research.

Looking to the future – report from seminar on the introduction of Key Stage 2 languages
(February 2005)

Report on a seminar hosted by QCA (now QCDA). The four seminar papers written by subject experts addressed areas of current interest for education and the curriculum, including 'Establishing firm foundations for MFL at Key Stage 2.' 


  • QCA looking to the future report

MFL feasibility study
(June 2000 - March 2001)

A QCDA curriculum development project to investigate the feasibility of extending the teaching of languages in primary schools.

Related publications

  • 'Report of the QCA project to study the feasibility of introducing the teaching of a modern foreign language into the statutory curriculum at Key Stage 2'
  • 'Analysis and evaluation of the current situation relating to the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages at Key Stage 2 in England' (Warwick University, December 2000) 
  • 'An analysis of national and international research on the provision of modern foreign languages in primary schools.'
    (Martin, September 2000)
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