Languages research

Keep yourself informed with the latest primary languages research.

Choose from:

  • Longitudinal studies
    Work towards implementing the primary languages entitlement is being closely followed by two major studies. Read summaries of the research and latest reports.
  • CILT projects
    Researching models of good practice to successfully teach languages to young learners. Discover CILT's work in transition, linking primaries with language colleges and the ELL initiative.
  • Key Stage 2 language learning pathfinders
    Following the launch of the National Languages Strategy, primary languages were introduced in 19 Pathfinder Local Authorities. Learn about delivering the entitlement in these areas.
  • DCSF projects
    Commissioned research to inform and evaluate policy - pilot project to support young bilinguals.
  • QCDA projects
    Research examining place of languages in the primary curriculum.
  • Useful references
    Journals, books and chapters relating to some key topics in early language learning.
  • Languages Work
  • lingu@net europa
  • Languages ICT
  • Vocational Languages Resource Bank